If you or anyone you know (aged between 13-17) has been a victim of crime, and it is having an impact on your life, then please don’t suffer in silence.

Catch 22 work directly with young people 13 to 17-years-old on 1-to-1 basis and/or group/workshops that will provide emotional and practical support to ensure individuals can get their life back on track.
– They work with victims to access positive activities and opportunities
– Providing advice on employment, further education, benefits and debt, and health including drug and alcohol issues
– The service supports young victims of crime that has an impact on their life.
– Ongoing support links to the young person’s experience as a victim and future safety planning.
– The Catch 22 team work closely with the local restorative justice hub ensuring that victims are aware of the restorative justice options that may be available to them.
All of the work delivered is community based and outreach focused, ensuring that we meet young people where they feel most comfortable and confident to engage.

How to get in contact or make a referral

You people can refer themselves by contacting Alex Flook directly by telephone or email

Alex Flook
07739 851067 / 01206 878770

Referrals from family members, friends, and professionals are also welcome

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