Sanctuary Scheme

What is a Sanctuary Scheme?

The Sanctuary Scheme makes it possible for victims of domestic violence to remain safer in their home.

It may be an option for any high risk, repeat victims of domestic abuse, who is no longer involved in an intimate relationship with the perpetrator and the perpetrator will therefore not have access to the property.

The scheme provides physical security measures to a person’s property which helps them to feel safe.

This ranges from providing basic additional security to a property such as

  • new/additional window or
  • door locks and
  • new/additional external lighting,

To a full installation within the property;

  • The main feature is the creation of a sanctuary room* in which an internal door is replaced with a solid core door, reversing to open outwards, acting as an additional barrier (*this is not always suitable due to type of property/construction of walls).
  • The scheme is a long term solution to improve the victim’s quality of life; therefore every installation which is made under the Colchester Sanctuary Scheme is tailored to accommodate the needs and circumstances of the individuals involved.

Who is eligible for a Sanctuary Scheme? 

The Colchester Sanctuary Scheme covers those

  • residents must Colchester Borough only;
  • includes any person who is threatened with homelessness due to domestic abuse
  • is not limited to Colchester Borough Homes or Housing Association tenants.

How can I get on the Colchester Sanctuary Scheme?

Please contact Colchester Borough Homes on 01206 282514.