Reporting incidents to the Police

What is considered an incident?

An activity out of the ordinary for your area/road or should not be occurring within your neighbourhood. Knowing your neighbours and their routines will make it easier to recognise and report incidents.

Reporting an incident

Activities or events that are not life threatening emergencies should be  reported online or by dialling the police non-emergency number 101

All calls are graded by control room staff. Activities or events that are life-threatening emergencies or happening in front of you at that moment, should be reported by dialling 999.

If you wish to pass on any messages to your local police team or you would like some crime prevention advice you can do that by phoning 101 and asking that someone from your local team contact you. The caller will take your contact details and send an email to your local police team.

Or visit the Essex Police Website, enter your postcode in ‘My Area’ and you will get all the names and contact details of the officers from your specific area.

Useful information to the police when reporting a suspicious person:
Hair – colour
Eyes – colour and/or wearing glasses
Hat – what kind if wearing one
Clothing – brief description and colour
Jewellery – anything distinctive (eg nose stud)
Any distinctive scarring
Approximate age
Approximate weight
Approximate height
Male or Female

Useful information when reporting a suspicious vehicle:
Registration number – if not putting yourself at risk to obtain it
Colour and make of vehicle (eg Ford, Vauxhall)
Model (eg Fiesta, Astra)
Body Style (2-door, 4-door, van, estate etc)
Condition (old, new, any obvious damage)


You can also give crime information anonymously by visiting Crimestoppers UK