Purple Flag


Purple Flag is a national accreditation which recognises towns and cities with great hospitality and entertainment areas at night.  Places which achieve this gold standard offer a positive and well-managed experience to night-time visitors.

Colchester Borough Council led a private, public and third sector group through a rigorous process in 2011/12 to achieve Purple Flag accreditation which was granted in July 2013 and granted again in 2014 after a ‘light touch’ reassessment.  February 2016 saw the town centre gain its third year of accreditation following a full assessment in 2015.

Key Achievements in the last 3 years:

  • Compared with 2012/13 crime has reduced and public order improved
  • Care services (such as the SOS Bus) have been sustained, developed & improved
  • Firmer, more joined up approach to Licensing culminating in a new Licensing Policy introduced in 2016

Key ambitions for the next 3 years:

  • New Taxi Licensing Policy (currently under review)
  • Continue to diversify the offer and
  • Encourage a wider audience of people to come into town after dark in order to grow the economic impact of the ENTE and employment opportunities for local people