Polycarbonate Drinking Vessels

Oct 24, 2016Address

Polycarbonate Drinking Vessels (PDVs) are a high quality, virtually unbreakable drink-ware range possessing benefits not found in traditional glass vessels or other plastic alternatives.

A successful 6 month polycarbonate drinkware pilot took place with Elysium Group, and The Safer Colchester Partnership, from August 2015 – February 2016, resulting in positive outcomes

Manufactured from a shatter-proof material, the vessels help create a better environment for staff and customers by removing the risk of damage to floors and furnishing as well as injury from breakages. Staff can also safely stack and clear away more containers and can spend less time attending to spillages.

The polycarbonate drink-ware range is suitable for all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. With a comparable weight to glassware, customers will enjoy a similar experience but with the added benefit of drinks staying cool for longer thanks to the material’s insulated property.

Benefits for businesses are:
•Virtually unbreakable (they do not shatter) and safer than glass
•Creates a safer environment for staff & customers (can reduce insurance premiums)
•Reduces damage to soft furnishings & dance floors
•Saves time and money on cleaning or replacing broken glass
•Glass wash safe – can last approx. 4-500 cycles (varies on the product and quality)
•Designed to stack
•Improved staff efficiency
•Keeps drinks colder for longer – a nucleated base pattern can also be added to retain a drinks head and fizz for longer
•Some PDV’s can display advertising


For further information, please contact safercolchester@colchester.gov.uk or 01206 282978.