Key Priorities- SAFER COLCHESTER PARTNERSHIP 2018 – 2019

Prevent, Reduce Crime, Safer Neighbourhoods

The aim of the Safer Colchester Partnership (SCP) is to work together to reduce crime and disorder in Colchester and deliver the key priorities contained in an Annual Partnership Plan.

The membership of the SCP is:

*Colchester Borough Council

Colchester Borough Homes

*Essex County Council

*Essex Police

*Essex County Fire & Rescue Service

*Essex CRC (Community Rehabilitation Company)

Colchester Garrison

CCVS (Colchester Community Voluntary Services)

*North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Those marked with a * are statutory members

Membership of the SCP (in addition to Core Members above), may be flexible to ensure other organisations or people are able to attend and make a valuable contribution to crime and disorder reduction in the Colchester Borough.



Under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 the Partnership is responsible for reducing crime and disorder, reducing re-offending and combating the misuse of drugs, alcohol and other substances. 

Part of the annual Strategic Assessment of Crime process scored and ranked offence types based on a variety of factors, the four highest scoring offence types were: 

  1. Violence with Injury  
  2. Possession of weapons offences 
  3. Rape 
  4. Trafficking Drugs  


The scoring from the Risk Matrix, along with other analysis identified the priorities that will provide a focus for the Safer Colchester Partnership for the next 12 months (April 18 – March 19): 

Priority One – Protect vulnerable people by increasing the awareness and reporting of Hidden Harms 

The Partnership will aim to increase the understanding and awareness, to both the general public and practitioners, of the Hidden Harms our communities face.  Encouraging those children and adults who are affected by these harms to engage with the Partnership or relevant agencies/charities to seek help and support.   

Priority Two – Address Gangs and County Lines by developing intelligence and awareness to support those vulnerable to exploitation 

The Partnership will to continue to develop the intelligence and awareness of this escalating area of criminality, especially focussing on County Lines. To best tackle this issue the Partnership will strive to provide appropriate safeguarding and support to children and adults that are vulnerable to this type of drug-related exploitation (cuckooing/drug running/trafficking of drugs etc.); with a further aim to assist in the disruption of drug-related activities within the community.  

Priority Three – Reduce the occurrence of violent crime including sexual offences and weapons offences. 

The Partnership will aim to prevent violent crime using an integrated approach to address the root causes and drivers for crime in conjunction with law enforcement and criminal justice systems. Working collaboratively with associates to investigate and deliver a number of programmes to prevent and reduce violence, to encourage children and adults to make positive life choices for themselves and offering positive alternatives to offending their families and their communities.  

Priority Four – Tackle incidents of high harm, repeat Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and Hate Crime  

The Partnership will use all available resources and legislation, including utilising Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs), to tackle ASB and violent crime within the borough. In collaboration with partners we will reduce the role of alcohol and drugs in fuelling crime and ASB. Hate crime and ASB affects both children, adults, families and communities and by addressing this type of behaviour and conduct we can help improve the community quality of life. Communities need to understand how hate crime and ASB can impact on an individual and know what actions they can take whether they are the victim or an observer, we will build resilient communities to raise awareness of hate crime and ASB. Reductions in these areas will bring reassurance to residents regarding their personal safety and will assist in reducing crime in the area. 



For further information on the SCP, please contact Sonia Carr on