Hate Crime

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Hate Crime – True Vision Hate Crime Website

The True Vision website provides information about what hate crime is and why it’s important to report it when it happens.

Supported by all Police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, True Vision sets out the ways hate crimes can be reported, including the new, secure online reporting form. This form enables people experiencing hate crime and witnesses to report directly to the Police. Reports are automatically sent to the relevant Police force.

The website also provides links to organisations which can offer support and advice on hate crime-related issues.

The police service believes True Vision will help increase the reporting of hate crime by building confidence in victims and offering a range of reporting options for those who may not wish to talk directly to the police.

The Government’s Hate Crime Advisory Group will be examining hate crime data in the forthcoming months and years to better understand the extent of hate crime and to challenge where performance does not meet the high standards that the public rightly demands of the criminal justice agencies.