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Keeping bikes secure and providing guidance on effective locks to purchase and secure parking.

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Colchester City Council and Essex Police have launched the BikeWise Campaign to raise awareness about cycle security and help you avoid becoming a victim of cycle crime.

Look out for Police Officers carrying out audits of bikes parked in the city centre, at Leisure World and other areas.

Bike owners will be confidentially informed on how well they have parked and locked their bike via a tag placed on their bike as well as tips on improving security

Visit Colchester Bike Kitchen at the Bike Hub in the city centre to receive a free BikeRegister security marking (RRP £12.99) so the Police are able to reunite you with your bike when it’s recovered.

Top Bike Security Tips

  • When you’re out, park your bike in a visible, lit and well-travelled area
  • When you’re at home lock your bike to an immovable object in a secure place like an outbuilding or lockable communal store.
  • Make sure your bike can’t be lifted over if you’re locked to a post!
  • Secure your front and rear wheels – especially quick release levers
  • Lock your bike tightly to a rack – reduce the ability to use lever action to break the lock and damage your bike
  • Use a “Sold Secure” rated strong D-lock or chain (avoid cable locks)
  • Use more than one lock of different types to slow down would-be thieves
  • Register your bike with a police-recognised marking scheme like BikeRegister and fit a tracking device.
  • Insure your bikes – check they may already be insured on your home insurance
  • Use a secure cycle storage facility where possible –

We recommend SOLD SECURE rated chain locks and D-Locks

Chain and D locks (recommended)

Good bike lock

Chain and D locks Pros Chain and D locks Cons
Extremely tough Heavy
Excellent visual deterrent Awkward to carry
Can be easily looped around bikes
Insurance rated

We strongly advise against easy to break locks such as cable locks

Cable locks (not recommended)

Bad bike lock

Cable lock Pros Cable lock Cons
Very lightweight Can easily be snipped in seconds
No visual deterrent

What is Sold Secure?

Sold Secure is a police-recognised testing organisation, so you know how good your bike lock really is, see below for the official Sold Secure ratings.

Sold Secure Bronze
Offering theft resistance against a basic tool list (aimed at preventing opportunist crime)
Sold Secure Silver
Offering theft resistance against an enhanced tool list (aimed at preventing more determined attacked)
Sold Secure Gold
Offering theft resistance against a dedicated tool list (aimed at preventing dedicated attacks)
Sold Secure Diamond
The highest level of theft resistance including use of specialist tools (aimed at preventing the most destructive attacks that could include angle grinders)

The Colchester Secure Bike Park is open in Portal Precinct in the City Centre, just off Sir Isaac’s Walk. For just £1 per day you can park your bike in a secure indoor facility safe in the knowledge it’ll be there when you return!

The bike park has 23 spaces, is open from 7am-10pm and includes daily, weekly and monthly tariffs as well as eCargo bike hire on site.

Find the secure bike park at Portal Precinct (Off Sir Isaac’s Walk), CO1 1JJ

Or find out more online at

How else can you be Bike Wise?

  • Inform the police if you have your bike stolen; you can report the theft online via the Essex Police website, by phone by calling 101 or in person at your local police station from 9-5 Monday to Sunday. Ask for a crime reference number. This will help you trace the progress of your case and may be needed for your insurance claim.
  • Contact your local authority, employer or the landowner about the installation of cycle parking where secure anchorages are insufficient or non-existent.
  • Do what you can to check the bike you are buying is from a legitimate outlet and that they are sure it is not stolen. If it seems suspiciously cheap, ask yourself why. You may be able to check the ownership of a bike you intend to purchase by searching a property register such as, or BikeRegister and by asking for proof of purchase or ownership. If you think you are being offered a stolen bike ring crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
  • Record and register your bike. Take a clear colour photograph of your bike and make a written record of its description, including any unique features, so that you can report it accurately if it is stolen; this will help prove it is yours if it is recovered by the police.
  • Register your bicycle model, make and frame number with a third party like or BikeRegister. (The frame number is often underneath the bottom bracket where the pedals attach, or on the frame under the seat.) Again, this will help anyone who subsequently finds (or even buys) it to check whether it is stolen – and return it to you.
  • If you add an additional security mark or tag to your bike, this will again make it easier to identify as yours. The mark may be obvious, which should help deter thieves; or hidden, such as ultraviolet; or there may be a combination of both. Clearly visible marks should be securely applied. A hidden mark or electronic tag is less likely to be identified and removed by thieves.


CRIMESTOPPERS ON 0800 555 111.

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