Colchester Community Safety Partnership

Focusing on the community safety issues that matter most in Colchester

The Partnership aims to bring together community members, statutory services, the voluntary and community sector, and charities to work collaboratively in identifying and tackling community safety issues locally.  Initiatives are delivered to reduce crime and disorder within our communities and achieve the key priorities contained in our Annual Partnership Plan.

Our Partners

Key Priorities

The Community Safety Partnership has agreed four key priorities for 2024-25 which have been identified using information gained from the Strategic Assessment of Crime, our communities and partnership working.

Prevention of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Offences, with Support for Victims and Survivors.

Enable the community to reduce VAWG (Violence Against Women & Girls) and promote safe and healthy relationships

Protect the vulnerable and those at risk of serious violence or exploitation

Empower people to build safe, inclusive, and resilient communities